a. Blood Donation Camps

b. Medical Camps in Village Free Medicines.

c. Education & Social Activities

d. Economics development programmes to un-employed youth, women skill development training like book binding, printing, screen printing, skill training, tailoring, book binding, typing computers coaching, etc.,

e. Awareness programmes for HIV /AIDS, Diabetes. Formatting SHG Groups, Income generation programmes for SHG members like sheep, goat, cow rearing. To conducting education classes for farmers about crops – pesticides, Fertilizers and agricultural seeds, information Technology in Software & Hardware.

f. To conducting personality development class and carrier guidelines to Urban, Rural youth.

g. To generate employment in rural areas & to facilitate participation of financial institutions for higher credit flow to rural industries.

h. Immediate help provide to Natural Disaster Victims. Like Tsunami, Bomb Blasts, Accidents, Earthquakes Etc.,

i. To encourage community participation and empowering the local people. To achieve these objectives, we are established by “ Akshaya Welfare Society ADILABAD”