To empower and provide opportunity to children and women of economically weaker section of the society and make them healthy, literate and skilled citizens of the country.

To create a society with justice having ecological balance and gender equity.

Our aim is to build a Healthy Society.

To make and change, to improve lives of mentally, physically challenged children with multiple disability, poor/ weak/destitute women and help under developed poor people of distant remote tribal areas lead a happy and satisfactory life..

To see our country as Developed Nation and accordingly, work towards this target by helping people and enlighting them to give their contribution for faster development of society.

We believe that all human beings are equal and should be treated uniformaly without any caste, creed, disability discrimination..

Our Dream is of a world where all disabled children / people and women get their due respect, love, affection and recognition.

We want people to come forward and join hands with us in this humanitarian work and share and benefit all of us with their experiences, ideas and other modes of contribution for the improvement of working of our organization.